Trailer: The Maze Feminist, site-specific performance for the Melbourne Fringe Festival

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Trailer shot for The Maze, an upcoming Melbourne Fringe Festival show written and directed by my partner, Kasey Gambling, and produced by The Honeytrap.

The Maze takes a single audience member on a walking journey along night-time streets in North Melbourne, following an ‘ideal woman’ as she heads home from a bar. As she walks, the anxiety and paranoia of a woman walking alone at night is explored, with unsettlingly common experiences mingling with the abstract. A site-specific and multimedia experience, The Maze asks us to consider how we treat women in public spaces and our role in keeping women safe.

Trailer shot by me in North Melbourne, featuring cast from The Maze: Libby Brockman, Stephen Wiley and Travis Pemberton.

Performances run during the festival, September 2016. Tickets on sale now.