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Book Who’s Talking is an ace new podcast from Fiona, Laura and Cool Ben. Each month the Book Who’s Talking team review a book, and even fantasy cast the film adaptations. The title for this month (and the first episode of the series) is Ready Player One from Earnest Cline.

Packed with 80s pop culture references, a demi-dystopic near-future setting and a fast-moving plot, Ready Player One is a tribute to geeks and gamers. A book that’s so ready to be a film that a film is already in the works, Ready Player One is a quick read with plenty of action. For a more in-depth analysis, subscribe to the podcast!

You can follow Book Who’s Talking on Facebook ( and Twitter (@bookwhostalking), and download the first episode now! Remember to rate and review, especially if the show really grabs you! Shout out to the talented Josh Vann on the incredible (and accurate) artwork, and the superb Josie Steele on producer duty.

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