The Naysayers: Hellfire Sing Sing album launch “We made an album. Where’s our million bucks?!”

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The Naysayers, “Hellfire Sing Sing” – Album Launch, The Grace Darling 13/01/2018


Makers of self-described “non-threatening garage rock” The Naysayers have been stalwarts of the Melbourne rock scene since 2011. With the release of their new album Hellfire Sing Sing, the Naysayers took to the band stage at the Grace Darling to show off the new tunes as well as get comfy in some old tunes and covers. The band the band reflected on recording a bunch of rough demos that sounded pretty okay, but then Jakk said they sounded like shit and made them all re-record (thanks Jakk) before they could put them together for the album.  Supported by alt-rock Dada Ono and super-tight rock outfit Honeybone, the boys delivered a fun set, rewarding the supportive crowd with a fat set list with a few unplanned encores past their finish time (thanks be to sound guy Zac). The night also featured shredded picks, missing capos and a good dose of audience members absolutely stacking it in the Grace Darling’s surprisingly hard-to-walk-on floors.

The new tunes fit the surf- and psych-rock vibe the Naysayers work so well in, and show off their confident, tight playing across super danceable tracks like Too Oh Too Canning St, Psychopath, The Bounder, and I Hate Your Band. Gordon, Nathaniel, Harrie and Jakk know their turf well now, and the launch party had the feel of old mates gathering around to play their fave tunes until they sweat, especially when Nik Ranger from Dada Ono (electric violin/vox) and Rachel Trainor (vox/tambo) jumped on stage for the second half. Although Ranger’s violin felt out of place in a few of the Naysayer’s tunes and some of the jams got into long-ass territory, it’s hard not to enjoy the driving and straight-up fun in heaps of the songs.

The Naysayers new album is Hellfire Sing Sing, available now digitally and physically.


Originally published on Ragged Press.